In-home sales parties have in large part replaced the traditional door-to-door sales person, but they still are out there. And I'm not including our scouts, and their fund-raising efforts.

If there's a gift card on the other side of you saying "yes" to something, it's probably not worth the value printed on the card. But they are still out there. The knife guys, the steel roof sellers, and remodeling? Michaels had a guy spread out a ton of meat on his front porch. Ya see, The restaurant ordered too much meat, and here's a great deal for you...Holy cow.

But there was a time when some of these products were only available door-to-door. And I recently bought a ton of knives that a college kid was selling. A friend of a friend. And, frankly, the Cutco knives are pretty sweet. And they never need sharpening! Until the sharpening guy comes to town...maybe they should say, "they never need FREE sharpening!"

So, what's the weirdest thing you had presented to you from your front door?

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