These boys aren't being handled with kid gloves.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian region of Chechnya, has raised eyebrows after he allowed his son -- ages 8, 9 and 10 -- to take part in separate MMA fights on Tuesday that were broadcast on TV.

All three boys, none of whom wore protective headgear, won their fights. The oldest boy won by a TKO, while the other two children also won their bouts.

Footage shows that the fights looked as intense as anything featuring an adult, complete with glitzy introductions.

Kadyrov was sworn in for a new term on Wednesday, the same day he turned 40.

The decision to let the boys fight was met with swift and fierce criticism. The head of Russia MMA association said, “What unacceptable and impossible to justify. Under-twelves shouldn’t even be in the audience, and here are kids of eight years old beating each other up for the amusement of adults…I deeply resent that this happened in front of the president of Chechnya,” he added.

Another sports figure in Russia said kids under the age of 12 fighting in such a forum is illegal, while the Kremlin also said this is a matter that may be investigated.

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