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Heather Hayes
Heather Hayes

This derecho has left a lot of debris scattered from Des Moines and well into central Illinois. The Quad Cities saw the very bad part of this derecho. Debris from trees is just everywhere in the QC and people are all wondering the same thing, "how can I get rid of this debris?" Good news, we have the answers.

Here is the tree cleanup information for each city in the Quad Cities.

Solid waste collection for today is cancelled to prioritize clearing roads for travel and support power restoration efforts from Monday’s major storm. Collection will be one day late for the remainder of the week, with Friday collection occurring on Saturday.

Davenport’s Public Works, Police and Fire departments responded to hundreds of calls for service immediately following the storm. Personnel continued to work overnight to assist MidAmerican Energy with power line dangers.

“The public should understand the debris trail from the storm is widespread and significant,” Gleason said. “It will take time to collect everything.”

Cleanup from this storm is expected to continue for several days and the City encourages everyone to contribute to the recovery. Check-in on elderly relatives and neighbors, help where you are able, and do your best to help make debris manageable for collection.

At a briefing with Scott County Emergency Management this morning, MidAmerican Energy officials advise power restoration could take up to three or more days due to widespread and significant damage to the energy network.

Crews will begin collecting private tree debris placed at the curb after roads are clear. Be aware; it may take several days before crews arrive to collect tree debris placed at the curb for collection.

It is anticipated that bundling the volume of brush at some locations will be a hefty task for some. Yard waste bag pick up will be sticker-free through Aug. 28 to assist with cleanup. All small debris should be placed in the appropriate yard waste bags, and property owners should do their best to bundle brush for efficient collection. Limbs placed for collection should not be longer than 5 feet or weight more than 50 lbs.

Be extra wary when traveling, and remember to treat intersections with dark signals as a four-way stop. Take your time. Don’t drive around barricades. There are still downed power lines and hazardous construction drop-offs.

  • For damage to overhead power lines to your home or business, check with the utility or your local building department to determine who is responsible for cleanup.
  • Anyone with questions about damage to their property should consult their insurance company.

For more information on this and other storm recovery resources visit www.davenportiowa.com/stormresponse.

Due to the recent storm, the City of Bettendorf is relaxing yard waste collection rules.

Residents may dispose of storm debris in the following ways:

  • Tree limbs/branches must be cut in 5 foot lengths, but do not need to be tied and bundled - set in orderly piles at your regular collection point for collection
  • If possible, put all other storm debris in Kraft paper bags - no yard waste stickers are required

Please be patient. There was a significant amount of damage from the storm. City crews will pick up your debris as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Public Works at 563-344-4088, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Starting on Monday, August 17, there will be a FREE special collection of ONLY trees, limbs, and branches. Garbage and other materials should not be included. Customers are asked to set out debris by 7 AM on their normal garbage collection day of the week in their regular garbage pick-up location or near the curb. Do not place limbs in the street. Limbs do not need to be trimmed or bundled. It may take several weeks to collect all debris.

The Refuse and Yard Waste Drop Off Center is open on Saturdays from 7 AM to 12 Noon at Millennium Waste, 13606 Knoxville Road, Milan. There is a $17 fee per vehicle with not more than the equivalent of a full-size pickup load per trip.

Due to power outages, several traffic signals remain out throughout the City. Once power has been restored the traffic signals will return to operation.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 309.732.2200 to report any blocked roadways.

The City of Rock Island appreciates your patience during our cleanup efforts.

(Source: KWQC)

Due to the recent storm and resulting damage, the City of Moline is announcing temporary changes to the brush and branches pickup rules. City crews are currently out picking up storm damage from the streets and ask that residents place any storm debris, such as branches and tree debris, in orderly piles along the curb or pavement. Please place the debris so as to not block the flow of traffic.

All debris and branches should be cut into pieces no longer than seven feet and do not have to be bundled. Please note that City crews will not go onto private property to remove or cut up branches. Please do not stack debris next to low wires or poles.

For anything over four inches in diameter, we ask that you consider hiring a tree service or similar service for disposal.

Yard waste and recycling/trash collection will remain on regular schedule. These rules are in effect until further notice. The City of Moline will keep you updated as the situation evolves and we appreciate your patience.

Should you have any questions please call the Municipal Services Department at 309-524-2400 or use GO resident request.

Beware of predatory contractors, including roving, out of town individuals going door to door to solicit services. For more information to avoid scamming contractors, click here.

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