Megan was in the bathroom today and popped open the cabinet under the sink, and found some crap you would never expect to see.

You know, under the sink you expect to find extra soap, or toilet paper, or some cleaner, some paper towels, and maybe some kind of other hygiene product. That's it.


Looks totally normal, but there's a dangerous scene lurking behind this door. I don't know if it's a meth lab, an arsonist's pre-meditation, or some kind of voodoo magic about to happen.


Now, this already looks super out of the ordinary, and especially sketchy. Why is there charcoal under the sink? Matches, sure.

"Everybody knows, when you make turd, you light a match to mask the smell."

-Greg Dwyer

Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that there's some kind of key to who knows where, which is attached to a binder clip, attached to a rubberband. If you can't keep track of the key, put it on a keyring, that doesn't seem hard.


Then there's the matter of the duct tape. Is someone hiding something behind there? Is this someone's budgetary "fix" of a leak? Is this the entrance to a secret room, or do I stick my hand through to the other bathroom to see if THEY have toilet paper because Goose used the rest of it?


And let's talk about these matches. If they were just in there, I'd support Dwyer's turd theory, but the one half of the outer box is ripped off, leaving all of those extremely flammable firestarters exposed just inches from a tray of charcoal. It's either intentional or just poor fireproofing.



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