Over the weekend my family and I headed out to Jimmy's Pancake House. People have been telling me to go here for the past 5 years or so, but honestly the size of the place made me think it would always be crowded.

In the 25+ years that I've spent in the Quad Cities, this was a first.


I also ended up at a living room-sized bar called Dee's Place on Saturday Night.  Would never have gone if it weren't for a Budweiser event happening there.  Also a cool place.  It made me wonder, "What other places are hiding out there, known by you but undiscovered by me?"  I gotta ask, what else am I missing out on?

Leave me a comment to let me know what QC exclusive experience I might have missed out on in my two decades of living in the QCA. Don't just spout off business names either, give me a reason why I'm missing out.

Looking for a new place to check out? These are the places that listeners say you shouldn't miss out on:

"Montana Jacks in Moline. It can be packed an your wait for a table is never long. Old fashioned salad bar that is better than the sky-line across the street and 10-15 minutes into your meal the owners at your table asking if everything is perfect. Best eating in QC in my opinion." - Listener Nick

"Tommy's on 3rd in Davenport. Really good breakfast and huge portions." - Listener David

"Calzones at Pizza and Subs in RI and pizza from Alfanos in RI." - Listener Mark and Listener Tammy

"Good local places: Coffee Hound in Bettendorf... Hall of Fame Pizza in Bettendorf, Huckleberry Pizza in Moline, and Pizza and Subs in Rock Island... Bass Street Chop House in Moline and Bix Bistro in the Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport... Whitey's (anywhere, always a given)... Osaka (buffet and restaurant) in Davenport... Lunardi's in Davenport (stone's throw away from Olive Garden... just lacks the visibility)... just to name a few." - Listener Albert

"If you make it out to Geneseo, Laromas has the best taco pizza and Italian beef sandwiches in the greater QC area. Arthur's Deli in Rock Island (directly across the street from Pizza & Subs) has the finest soup & sandwiches in the metro." - Listener Zachary

Know of a place that isn't posted here? Leave a comment below.