You know, these Facebook cops need to get their crap together, because I'm getting really tired of getting in trouble for nothing.

Yesterday, we shared a story about the lady who had to call a reptile wrangler for some snakes. It turned out, she had over 100 rattlesnakes under her house. 

Last night, I got a notification from Facebook saying that the 97X Facebook page had the post removed for 'Violating Community Standards.' I chuckled a little bit, and hit the dispute. I figured this was flagged by the bots because we wrote 'Burn the house down!' as the caption. 

attachment-thumbnail_Image (1)

I appealed their decision, and thought, "Well, guess nobody will see that story now," and went on with my night. They hadn't said we were suspended or anything, just that nobody would see the post.

When I came in this morning, there was another notification waiting for me. This time, the Dwyer & Michaels page had been flagged.

This immediately confused me, because the caption for that post was simple: 'That's a lot of snakes!'

Not only were we flagged for the post on that page, but both of our pages have been suspended from posting or commenting for 3 days

attachment-FB Jail 2

Now, we appealed, we used our one phone call to call our boss and tell him we're not going to making it to Facebook work today, and now we don't know what to do this morning.

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