Somebody should have told this photographer that it's poor wedding etiquette to upstage the bride on her special day.

26-year-old Katherine Mehta is a wedding photographer and part-time bikini model in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Last weekend she was hired to shoot a wedding and apparently had a few drinks while she was on the clock. She had also taken some prescribed pills for her anxiety.

Mehta wound up having sex with one of the guests at the wedding. When other people caught them in the act, she stormed out of the venue and peed on a tree.

Somebody called the police and Mehta was arrested for public intoxication and obstruction. Once she was cuffed and put in the squad car, the photog reportedly threatened the cops: "Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, Y’alls daughters are dead. My dad is going to find out about this, and y’all are (expletive) dead. D-E-A-D."

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