There's a reason it's so hard to put in a full workday without taking a ton of little breaks to eat snacks, aimlessly mess around online, or think impure thoughts about the deliciously voluptuous new temp in accounts receivable.

Photo by Carl Court / Getty Images
Photo by Carl Court / Getty Images

According to a new study, we just aren't wired to work that long. Psychologists found that our brains can only focus on a single task for a few hours at a time, after that, it needs a break.

And the data backs that up, the average person says they're only productive for two hours and 53 minutes at work. The rest of the time they're either working slower than their peak speed or totally slacking off.

Maybe we should really only have three-hour workdays, that way we can get in, hammer through our stuff like a machine, and then go home and let our brains regroup for the next day.

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