My wife may be onto something again! -Bill Michaels

We have WAY TOO MANY water bottles in our house, and this is how my wife handles it.

I want to know, is this "straight jacket" or "straight up awesome?"


She put all the water bottles in the door hanging cubbies that are meant to hold shoes... well... I think that is what this is for.

Why do we have so many water bottles? We must be a very thirsty family.


Look at this photo below with the waterskier. It was a souvenir my wife found at our National Tournament.


This is my wife's genius storage idea because there is no good way to store non-disposable water bottles.

I'm thinking this is a smart idea. Add water bottles to the list of things this plastic storage hanger can hold! Throw one of these bad boys on a closet door or pantry and suddenly you have more counter and cabinet space!

Not to sound like an advertisement but you can buy one of these storage hangers on Amazon. It's called a "shoe organizer," but as you can see by my wife's genius brain, you can use it for more than just shoes.

More Ways To Save Space 

  1. Choose a corner or L-shaped sofa.
  2. Keep your home office space light and bright, light colors make the room look bigger.
  3. Hang mirrors to create the illusion of space.
  4. Invest in tables/desks with drawers.
  5. Buy furniture with tall legs, this way you can store things underneath.
  6. Add extra storage with a coffee table.
  7. Incorporate a sideboard into your scheme.
  8. Declutter with storage baskets.
Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

10 Household Tasks To Get Your Home Ready For The Fall Season

When September hits I'd like to think the world divides into two. One half is clinging on to summer with everything they have, while the other half is already starting to put pumpkins around their house and watching scary movies by the fireplace.

Although the official first day of fall is September 22, many people like to start fall traditions early as it excites them and brings them that warm fuzzy feeling. As the days become shorter and the weather changes there are tasks to be done when being a homeowner. Not only does one's mindset change as the seasons do, but the chores around the house change as well.

Now that the seasons are changing it is time to start preparing your home for the weather to come. We have gathered some important fall home maintenance tasks to get you and your home ready for the chilly season.

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