Melvins drummer Dale Crover's upcoming Fickle Finger of Fate solo LP has an official video for its new single, "Bad Move" — and Paul McCartney fans should find the visuals fairly familiar.

For the clip, which marks Crover's first video as a solo artist, he took inspiration from McCartney's "Coming Up," which found the former Beatle using special effects to front a "band" (dubbed the Plastic Macs) made up entirely of different versions of himself. Although Crover's got some other company in the "Bad Move" video — Dangerous Minds notes he's joined by Acid King bassist Dan Southwick and producer Toshi Kasai on keyboards — the homage is obvious.

You can see Crover's new video above, and McCartney's original "Coming Up" below.

"We had a lot of fun making the video," says Crover in the press release announcing the video. "It's a parody of a Paul McCartney video where he plays all the characters. It was shot on VHS, which makes it look very dirty and from a different era."

Aside from the humor value, Crover's McCartney tribute makes sense from a musical standpoint: The self-professed Beatles fan played most of the instruments on Fickle Finger of Fate, echoing McCartney's one-man-band approach to 1980's McCartney II, the album from which "Coming Up" was released as a single.

"Cheap Trick? Beatles? Any of that stuff. Beatles, I suppose," said Crover when asked to identify the acts that helped shape his songwriting. “I grew up on the Beatles and the Monkees. Obviously, Neil Young has always been a big influence."

The Fickle Finger of Fate is due Aug. 4, in the midst of a lengthy tour that will see the band traveling across the U.S. before traveling to Europe, where Crover is pulling double duty behind the kit for the Melvins as well as Redd Kross. Visit the Melvins' official site for a list of shows, and see Crover's site for more information about the new LP.

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