A group of just over 250 musicians recently gathered in Moscow to perform a powerful cover of Metallica’s 1991 classic “Sad But True.” The video, which you can watch above, features Russia’s RocknMob, who are known for creating rock flash mobs covering the likes of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi and other artists.

While gathering 250-plus musicians to play a song could end up as a train wreck, the RocknMob does a masterful job with “Sad But True.” The group powers through the song complete with the signature guitar harmonies and solos as well as excellent vocals. The female backing vocalists really catch the ear adding a new dimension to the 28 year-old song.

RocknMob was inspired to begin rock flash mobs after the success of Rockin1000, who inspired the Foo Fighters to perform in Cesena, Italy after releasing their version of “Learn to Fly” featuring 1,000 musicians. Over a year ago, RocknMob  covered “Enter Sandman” in Saint Petersburg. You can see all their videos on YouTube. You can learn more about RocknMob here.

In other related news, David Drambyan -- the talented man who played AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” using church bells in Halles, Germany last year – recently covered Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls.” The amazing carillonneur performs the song at Roter Turm, a 600-year old church, with two headbanging kids in tow.

The Roter Turm, which translates to Red Tower, was built between 1418 and 1503. The carillion consists of 76 bells, which are struck using levers and foot pedals. Drambyan hits all the right notes, including the signature intro, the intricate guitar work and vocal melodies with style. Watch the video below.

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