It's not going to be hard to 'crack' this case. A man was filmed stealing items from Lowe's on Elmore Avenue in Davenport. If anything, he should have snagged some zip ties to hold up his pants.

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On Thursday, a man was filmed stealing several items from Lowe's Home Improvement at 3955 Elmore Avenue in Davenport. The man is seen in the video stealing what looks like DeWalt tools, tool boxes, and many other items that all had the security alarms still on. The high pitch sirens in the background are the sirens going off like crazy.

The man who filmed this panty-less thief is Shawn Cirlos. I spoke with Shawn and he told me he was simply shopping for some shrubs for his home. When we spoke he said,

"He ran out of the garden center with a cart full of tools. Alarms went off and employees told him to stop."

Shawn said the incident happened around 1 p.m. on Thursday and did confirm it happened at the Davenport Lowe's on Elmore Avenue. I asked him if he remembered what the license plate number and county on the truck was. He told me it was hard to see, but thought it was possibly a Scott County license plate.

I tried to zoom in to find out for my self. Here is what I have for the number: E Y T(?) 5 7 3. Not sure if that's it or not. Correct me if you think you know for sure.

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In the video, the man who appears to be older, is seen throwing those tools in the bed of his dark blue S10 Chevy pickup. He clearly turns around and notices that he is being filmed. That's when he picks up the pace and even forgets to close his truck bed. Surprisingly, nothing fell out as he drove away. I highly doubt a lot stayed in there, but I'm sure Davenport police will track this 'large crack crazy' and we'll hear more details soon enough.

Thanks to Shawn for the details on this story. If you've seen a dark blue, S10 Chevy truck with brand new tools in the bed, and a man with a butt crack the size of San Andreas Fault, call the Davenport police at (563) 326-7979.

Check out Shawn's video below. We do warn that there is adult language in this video.

Also some nudity.....

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