If you have a good work ethic and see things through, that's usually a recipe for success. Though not always.

A guy near Seattle tried to carjack someone last Friday. But when he tried to get in their car, they floored it and took off.

Instead of giving up or trying another car, he held onto their door handle and refused to let go while they dragged him down the street. He held on for a while, not just a few seconds.

Someone got it on video, and his pants ended up down around his ankles from being dragged across the pavement.

The driver even stopped so he could let go. But the carjacker tried to open the door again, so they hit the gas and he still kept hanging on.

The video ends after that, but cops eventually arrested him for carjacking, and took him to a hospital. No word on his injuries, but I assume he had some serious road rash.

Read more at KIRO.

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