Running a regular marathon would be a hell of an accomplishment for most of us. So think about the lunatics who run ultramarathons, which are even longer than that.

45-year-old Kelly Agnew is one of those lunatics. Over the past few years, he's had four wins in a race where everyone runs for 48 hours to see how far they can go.

He's done over 200 miles in those races, which means he ran the equivalent of almost eight regular marathons in a two-day period.

If that doesn't sound humanely possible, well, maybe it's not. Because Kelly just got busted for cheating during his ultramarathons by hiding in a port-a-potty.

Some race officials originally became suspicious of him when he won a 48-hour race by more than 55 miles. They started looking into it, and they found he kept hiding out in the bathroom instead of actually running.

To make his plan work, he would finish a lap, immediately circle back to the start line and hide in a port-a-potty. He would then exit and "complete" another lap by passing the start line again.

Last week, he was stripped of a bunch of his titles.

Read more at New York Post.

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