credit: Getty Images

Uber has launched officially here in the QC! Now, you can summon a ride via your smart phone super easily and it gives you the fare estimate and ETA.  Let's say I wanted to go from work to Daisy Dooks.  Right now, they would be able to pick up me & 3 of my buddies within 4 minutes and it'd cost me $15-$21.

I guess they couldn't give a more definite answer on the fare because they don't know how traffic is going to be.  You know this crazy QC traffic (he says sarcastically).

Let's say I wanted to go to Harrington's Pub.  It'd cost me $10-$14.  Way less expensive than a cab, and easier/faster to make happen.  I've tried calling a cab or was a horrible experience.  Ended up just catching a ride from a buddy.

Can't wait to try this out!

If you wanted to drive for Uber, you get to pick your hours and earn a few extra bucks! Not a bad idea!