This one is a toast treat.  See what i did there?  Instead of 'Taste' I said, "Toast."

Just the Facts

Bottle temp at opening: 36 degrees.

Drinking temp: 37 degrees.

Nose: toasted barley. A hint of "badass"

Taste: Smooth.  Don't hate the player.

6 out of 6 bottles

It might seem like cheating because I was at his little hole-in-the wall brewery on a recent visit to see my buddy Patrick.  I honestly thought we were in some other places' beer cooler, it was that small.  But great beers all--brewed with love.  This French Country Ale doesn't much say 'France' to me as good times with a friend, but whatever it says to you--a couple of these in the fridge when company comes over will make you look dapper as hell.