Gary Robbins is a 49-year-old truck driver, earlier this week he was hauling a load 3,000 miles from Seattle to Deerfield, Massachusetts. He wanted to save time by driving non-stop without sleeping.

Semi-trailer truck

In order to achieve this feat, he decided to do cocaine and meth while he drove. At one point he also dropped acid, because why not at that point.

Despite his condition, he actually made it. He dropped off his shipment on Tuesday morning and stopped to fill up. It was at that point that the manager of the gas station noticed he was out of his mind and acting weird.

Robbins was trying to pay for gas by shoving his credit card into the truck's fuel tank. Then he locked himself out of the cab and tried climbing in through the window.

He was combative with the responded police officers, but eventually admitted to doing drugs throughout his journey. He's facing a bunch of charges and his truck was impounded on top of his license being revoked.

Read more at Boston Herald.

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