You can track the Coronavirus in Iowa and throughout the rest of the world thanks to Johns Hopkins University.

The Coronavirus was officially announced as a pandemic earlier this week from the World Health Organization. The Coronavirus has infected at least 1 person in each state (except for Idaho) and has caused a mass amount of concerts, sporting events, local events and more to come to a screeching halt.

Yesterday (March 12th) the NBA, MLB, MLS and NCAA all canceled their games due to growing concerns of the Coronavirus. Disneyland and Hollywood Studios are shutting down to help stop the spread of COVID-19. St. Patrick's Day weekend celebrations across the country have been canceled. States are putting in crowd bans to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, including Illinois who announced their crowd ban yesterday.

I know it seems overwhelming because it is. It's hard not to panic from all of the talk about the Coronavirus, but knowledge is king.

Johns Hopkins University has released an interactive map so you can track the Coronavirus in your home state like Iowa and Illinois. You can also track it throughout the world.

Via Johns Hopkins University

Unfortunately, the map can't be embedded but click on the picture or button above to see the interactive map where you can track COVID-19 globally. I encourage you to see the recovery maps to keep you mind at ease with this pandemic.

Johns Hopkins University also released a pamphlet on how to prevent getting the Coronavirus.

Via John Hopkins University

Stay safe and informed out there. Also, wash your hands.

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