During the second inning of the White Sox/Guardians game Monday night, Cleveland outfielder Will Brennan smoked an innocent bird with a base hit leaving a mess of feathers in front of Tim Anderson at short.

Cleveland ended up scoring in the inning and winning the ballgame (a blatant act of cheating that the league office will be hearing about), but it got us thinking of other times when non-human spectators got a little too close to the action.

Top 5 Times Animals Interrupted A Major League Baseball Game

5.) "Cheep" Shot 

Randy Johnson did a lot of memorable things during his hall-of-fame career, but arguably the most remarkable was acting as a “mound magician” and making a dove disappear by hitting it with his howitzer of a fastball.

4.) A Purr-Petrator

I remember the good old days before 2016 when Cubs fans had nothing to do but yell at Clouds about how they were cursed. While there may be no curses left haunting the grounds of Wrigley, many fans attribute the woes of the past to this black cat who hung out with Ron Santo in the on-deck circle in ’69.

3.) A Sting-ky Situation

If you were watching the Reds/Giants series from a couple years back, you may have thought Cincinnati was experiencing some unseasonal snow. Instead, thousands of bees had descended on the stadium. Exterminators were dispatched quickly, and the delay ended up only being 20 minutes.

2.) Silly Goose

During game 2 of last year’s NLDS between the Dodgers and the Padres, a goose decided to pop a squat on the outfield grass. After refusing to move, both teams decided to just play the game around the intruder.

BONUS: Oh Deer

While this Colorado High School Baseball game has nothing to do with MLB, this video was too funny not to include. Three deer decide to take a shortcut through the field.


1.) This Was Nuts

A rather bold squirrel made an appearance during the first inning of the Twins game 3 years ago. The animal headed for the Twin's dugout and interrupted the Twins' 6-4 loss to the White Sox.

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