Okay, ladies, we are listening, what are the weirdest places a man has taken you on a date?

Reddit Thread

A thread on Reddit revealed several women sharing their experiences about times they went on a terrible date.

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The Comments

"Women of Reddit, where was the cringiest place a date has taken you?"

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To give you an example before we share the list, one Reddit user said,

On our 3rd date he asked me to ‘dress up’ preferably dark colored bc he ‘liked how my blond hair looked with a black top’. I thought that was cute, so I wore a black dress thinking we were going to nice restaurant or something. When I arrived at his house, he met me in the yard with a request..that I meet his kids. This was too soon for me, but I agreed & we went inside. His kids were dressed nice too. I was clueless as to what was happening. He sends the kids off to play, Then tells me that the elderly wife of one of his coworkers, who was very close to his family, had passed away. He asked me to go with him to the wake bc he didn’t want to go alone. !!!! Like wtf? I was speechless for a minute then asked for a shot of whiskey. And then a 2nd. The guy was clearly distraught, so I grabbed each of the kids hands and said let’s go pay our respects. He cried, I met his parents (who adored me) we chatted with numerous friends & family.. I call it my ‘Wake Date” :) -Cheerio447

The comments were filled with bizarre, disgusting, or just downright sketchy places where men have taken women for dates. Here are some of the best responses:

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Dear Ladies

Ladies, before you read about these poor dates just remember, if he can't date you properly, don't date him at all. You have better things to do with your time than waste it with him.

Women Name The Weirdest Place A Guy's Ever Taken Them On A Date

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