If you've been out of your parent's house for a few years, you definitely know the difference between a house you live in, and a home you live in.

2,000 people were asked what they thought makes a house a home, and I'm sure you'll agree with their answers.

1. A Good Bed- We spend almost 9,500 days in bed in our lifetime. That's 26 years. If you don't have a good bed, you won't sleep well. The only bed you should be dreaming about is your own.

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2. Family Photos- This will make you laugh back to times playing catch with dad in the front yard, the family together for the 4th of July, or Christmas at grandma and grandpa's.

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3. Having a "Spot" to Yourself on the Couch- Sheldon says it best.


4. Memories You've Made- Painting the house with your special someone, breaking the drywall carrying in a couch the first day you own the place, also tearing the door frame off when you're screaming at your buddies to back up because the couch is in the wall; the list goes on and on. You've made it your home through the memories you've had there.

5. A Full Fridge- Nothing's better than opening the fridge the day you go to the grocery store and you have all kinds of beer, 8 kinds of cheeses, and a bunch of other snacks.


6. A Bookshelf with Your Favorite Books- If you like to read, this is a personal touch that will also bring you joy.

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7. The Smell of Fresh Cooking- Think about when you were a kid and you came home from school to your mom baking cookies, and how that felt.


8. Newly Washed Sheets- They feel different, smell different, and you sleep better on them.

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9. Location- If you don't like your neighbors, or where your house is, then what's the point of living there?

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10. Plenty of Natural Light- Natural light just adds an inexplicable happiness to a room.

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