This is "one" anniversary date for the Iron Butterfly song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" because it went Certified Gold today, back in 1968.  The album eventually went on to achieve  4x-Platinum status and there's no denying it as an absolute Classic.   But in 2015, who's got time to listen to it anymore?!?   It's 17:05 in length and practically disappears a couple of times in the middle of the song somewhere.  Tell me you wouldn't start thinking about your already-congested "to-do" list before getting through the whole song, and I'll call you a politician!

Here's some interesting tidbits about it that you may not have known though.  The album was the first rock album in history to reach "Platinum" status after they first created that designation.  It was the USA's biggest selling album of all in 1969, and it was Atlantic Records' biggest selling album of all time until it was surpassed by Led Zeppelin IV.   The edit for radio air play was only 2:53 and it was a Top-40 charter, but stiffened out at #30 in 1968.

So regarding the question "Should I play it on the 5:00 Punch-Out today...?"  Wow, look at the time ... I gotta thing, uh ...  geez, gotta go!