This happened a while back, but it's making the rounds again.  A couple checked into a hotel in Ft. Wayne, Indiana that was recently renovated, and they discovered one huge design flaw.  The "upgraded" toilet was so big they couldn't close the bathroom door.

"We went to a hotel in Ft Wayne Indiana and my boyfriend discovered the bathroom door wouldn't shut because the new toilets they installed during a recent renovation were too oval and stuck out. So no pooping privacy at this hotel."

I'd laugh...but this is totally something I would do.  We redid our bathroom last summer.  Ok.  Truthfully we are still in the middle of it because that's how slow we work.  But I was adding in a shower stall to our bathtub and had to run some Pex piping up to the shower head.  I ran to the hardware store and got everything I needed.  Came back and got everything put together.

Well...almost everything.  Turns out I got the wrong sized fitting.  No problem.  I'll just run to the store...which takes 15 minutes one way.  45 minutes later I had my fitting but forgot the plumbers tape.

Hmm.  Another 45 minutes later I bring my plumbers tape back and get ready to rock & roll.  I have the wrong length adapter.

Great.  Another 45 minutes later I bring the correct length adapter back and get ready to rock & roll.

Guess what.  I don't have the tool that pinches the Pex pipe.

It was then I decided to start drinking.


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