This was my 6th car, and my first new one!

Bonus! A 1989 version of Dwyer also! Dwyer/Townsquare Media

My First NEW Car! On the heels of the Mitsu 4x4 and a desire for some creature comforts, I jumped into new car ownership with $9,000.00 saved and a trade-in on my 1989 Dodge Daytona. 4 cylinders of untamed horsepower that on a good day topped about 190. But she was all mine, and no payment book. I had never written a check that big, and as I drove off the lot I may as well have been Magnum P.I. in a Ferrari. I knew more about washing a car than fixing it at this time, but the freedom that a dependable ride offered was amazing. My first adult purchase. Still not quite an adult. Favorite memories: 1) Driving to Bloomington to show my girlfriend my new car, only to discover all the oil had sprayed out of the engine during the trip. Having it towed back to Peoria…some kind of seal had been improperly installed, but the dealership assured me no permanent harm was done to the motor. One week into new car ownership--first asshole dealer. That was quick. 2) The first and best of many road-trips with my buddy Patrick as we headed through Memphis and Graceland and on to some University to visit my friend from High School. Waffle House will forever hold a comedic place in my memory. Great times, and my best friend--it was like a Rush tune and Springsteen rolled into one. 3) Trading-in that piece of shit with the f***ed up motor for car number 7!