Presley, a chihuahua-mix, went from living in an animal shelter to a glamorous life overnight, and her life is obviously better for it.

The pup was adopted by Rebecca Shelton at 3 months old.

“She’s like my baby. I treat her like my child," Shelton said, "I got Presley after my mom passed away. She wanted me to have company.” She named Presley after Elvis, her mom's favorite artist.

Just like Elvis, Presley loves her extravagant wardrobe. From rhinestone and glitter outfits, she never wears the same look twice. Her personal designer has created over 150 dresses, as well as tutus and t-shirts.

Presley's favorite part of her outfit is her glasses, but she's also quite charitable. After she wears a dress, the “castoffs” are given to “less-fortunate dogs.”

The spoiled-rotten dog is a picky eater, though. “She is a little bit of a diva, and there are some restaurants she refuses to eat out in,” explained Shelton.

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