A video has gone viral, showing an expensive Chinese ice cream treat that doesn't seem to melt - even when put under a blowtorch for an extended amount of time.

In the video, which has over 500 million views on Chinese website Weibo, a person holds a lighter up to the popsicle-style treat, and it doesn't thaw or drip.

People who saw the post began questioning what was in the $10 popsicle treat. Other videos showed the treat staying solid in an 88-degree room for an extended time and even under a blowtorch.

“What’s it made out of that it can be that sturdy?” one person asked on social media, according to the DailyStar.

The video shows that the ice treat, many calling it "Chicecream", doesn't drip at all, but actually burns.

The company released a statement, saying "The main components of the baysalt coconut-flavored ice cream are milk, single cream, coconut pulp, condensed milk and milk powder. Forty per cent of this ice cream is solid materials.”

According to South China Morning Post, there's debate about the ingredient carrageenans, a seaweed extract that is surrounded in controversy as to whether it causes health problems and even, some debate, cancer.

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