Have you ever heard of the term ghost kitchen? These rentable kitchen spaces in the Quad Cities are pumping out prepared dishes that are available for purchase around the area.

Whether you’re looking for an individual portion, a full family meal, or pies or salsa, these ghost kitchens are cranking them out.  We visited two of these ghost kitchens in the Quad Cities and were amazed at what is made and sold locally.


Prep To Table

For those wanting “Healthy without the hassle, customized for you” individual meals Prep To Table can prepare a meal fit to your health needs.

Khloe Beaird, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Meal Prep Mama is the owner of Prep To Table.

"We prepare ready-to-eat meals using gluten-free, organic, locally sourced, quality ingredients. After all, we know it has to not only be delicious but also nutritious.

From our commercial kitchen to your family’s table, we sincerely hope you find flavorful nourishment, increased energy, health and more time for the things - and people - you love. After all, that’s what life’s all about! "

-Khloe Beaird

Prep To Table runs out of Moline Illinois. The ghost kitchen can be found within The Spotlight Theatre located on 7th Ave.

Goose, Hairball, and Megan visited Prep To Table and snagged a few pictures of the Prep team putting together their meal.

The meal they were prepping was called "Hamberger Prepper," containing spinach, noodles, beef, and a special sauce. Khloe described this meal as a 'gluten-free healthier hamburger helper."


You can order meals at their website preptotable.net.


In 2019, Prep To Table was preparing 35 meals a week. As of now, they are prepping 400-500 meals a week.


Follow Prep To Table on Instagram to check out their prepped meal posts!


Angerer Eats

On the Iowa side, located in Bettendorf, is a Ghost Kitchen called Angerer Eats. This service run by the owner, Mary Beth Angerer, offers  "freshly prepared, healthy, family-friendly meals at your convenience."

Much like the ghost kitchen described previously, Angerer Eats also preps healthy meals and makes them available for purchase.

Angerer Eats was once running out of another kitchen but has since moved into its own building! This big announcement was made only a few days ago.


Hairball was able to observe Angerer Eats prepping some of their meals, and took some photos. Burritos, KFC Bowl Casserole, Cajun Pasta, and Beef Lo Mein with Egg Rolls were on the menu.


These oven-ready, heat and serve, no prep containers can be purchased at Hy-Vee fast & fresh and North Scott foods.


Angerer Eats has been running for 4 years prepping 400 meals a week.


The freezer-friendly meals have a 3-month shelf life.


With only 7 employees, they are able to make all this food for consumers to enjoy!



Other Ghost Kitchens

More Ghost Kitchens can be found lingering around the Quad Cities. Here are three more kitchens you can check out!

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