I think at some point in their life, everyone looks at their bill after a shopping spree and thinks to themself “What if I just pocketed some of this stuff and ran?”.

Well aside from the “loss prevention” officers patrolling the door at most major retailers and the cop carts posted up in the parking lot, most people are stopped by their morals.

For those who have the guts to hit the nation’s largest chain with the ol’ snatch and sprint, they have items that they’re more inclined to grab.

What’s a Felony?

Hand in jail

Before we get into what most commonly goes missing from the shelves, it’s important to know the law in Tennessee surrounding shoplifting.

In the Volunteer State, if you grab merchandise that totals $1000 or higher you move from misdemeanor shoplifting to felony grand larceny. While I’m in no way endorsing shoplifting, if you chose to go that route, make sure you’ve got your calculator out and stay under the grand mark. If you happen to go over, you can expect an all-inclusive stay at the state’s finest penitentiaries.

Top 3 Items “Flying” Off the Shelves

3. Intimates

(Photo by William B. Plowman/Getty Images)
(Photo by William B. Plowman/Getty Images)

We’ve all been young. Going down to the Walmart to grab condoms when you just got your driver’s license is maybe the worst experience of any teenager's life, explaining why it might be enticing to just throw a pack of Trojans in your back pocket and flee. My go-to in high school was buy an “18th Birthday” card, because then everybody know it’s just a joke….ha ha ha…

Just know it’s because of this now all that stuff is locked up and if you need to grab something you’ve gotta ask the attendant.

2. Alcohol


The youth strikes again as I’ve got a feeling that most of the alcohol disappearing off Walmart shelves is probably going home with customers under the age of 21. I think the easiest way to tell is look at the products that go missing and those that stay safe. If you constantly lose Mad Dog and wine coolers, you may have a teenager issue. Hopefully they leave the Bud Heavy alone.

1. Over-The-Counter Medication

Research Shows Acetaminophen Relieves Not Just Pain, But Emotions As Well
Getty Images

The flu is wrecking shop this season, and some people just need some Nyquil. Strangely, one of the meds that pops up in this category is stool softeners/digestive aids. In my experience, you head down and grab two orders of Chik-Fil-A Mac and Cheese, your stool will be plenty soft.

Some honorable mentions include; Cosmetics, Electronics, Office Supplies, and Home Essentials.
Just remember, stealing isn’t cool and these stores will watch you, let you run up a tab, and as soon as you hit $2000…best learn how to fashion a shiv out of a toothbrush.

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