Around 1997 it was a great time to be a U2 fan.  Their live show was something so huge and outrageous that had never been done before.  They took things to the next level.

It makes you wonder what crazy things will be coming out of the pandemic.  We had a year and a half of musicians being stuck in their house writing & coming up with hairbrained ideas to entertain us.  For that I can not wait!

Sunday's show includes sets from The Who, Heart, Styx and your headliner, U2 Live In Concert!

97X proudly presents "Live In Concert". Tune in every Sunday night for 2 hours of classic concerts from the biggest names in rock It's Live In Concert, Sunday nights at 8pm, on Your Classic Rock Authority, 97X.

Your headliner for Live in Concert on 97X is U2 from their “Popmart" tour at Foro Sol (Sun Forum), Mexico City, Mexico, December 3, 1997

Everything U2 did during their 1997 “Popmart” tour was on an enormous scale. There was the 100 foot golden arch. An LED video board that was 165 feet across. Even a giant mirror-ball lemon! On stage, the band also sounded big. On
the next Live in Concert, we’ll go back and listen to a legendary performance from that “Popmart” tour- it was captured live at the Sun Forum in Mexico City on
December 3rd, 1997. Don’t miss U2- they’re headlining the next Live in Concert!


  • Plus don't miss live performances from The Who at Shea Stadium, Flushing, NY, October 13, 1982
  • Also a great set from Heart @ Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., December 2, 2012
  • And don't miss Styx @ Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV, July 25, 2014

Live in Concert is on every Sunday at 8 o'clock. The perfect way to wrap up your weekend and prepare for the week ahead. By cracking another couple Sunday beers...which are some of my favorite beers of the weekend. To tune into 97X either on the radio at 96.9 fm or on our mobile app on your phone.

Hotel Davenport Demolition

The Hotel Davenport is located at 5202 Brady St. and was reportedly built in the early 1970s. Earlier this year it was decided that this hotel was no longer set to have guests.

According to the Quad Cities times, the Davenport hotel has faced a number of fires, along with safety and health code violations. This has led to the call for its demolition. I've driven past it many times and have seen that the building had clearly began to deteriorate.

It was scheduled for demolition earlier this year, and said demolition began in April. Many involved in this project are excited to see what the future holds for this lot in Davenport.

I drive past this spot every day for work, and over the last month have snagged some pictures of the demolition.

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