You probably shouldn't go through your partner's phone. Mainly because you need to trust them. Also because you really don't want to find that one weird thing that'll make you never look at them the same way.

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A new survey found 41% of people admit they've dug around their significant other's phone and 12% have found something that made them take a break from the relationship. Here are the seven weirdest things they found:

  1. A picture of a sex toy stuck to a car window.
  2. Multiple pictures of cat poop.
  3. Pictures of strangers wearing clothes the person wanted to buy.
  4. The "My Little Pony" app.
  5. A period tracking app on a man's phone.
  6. A picture of someone else's pet spider.
  7. A picture of a pigeon eating a pie.

The survey also found 10% found signs that the person was cheating on them. Not sure if that's more or less disturbing than the pigeon eating the pie. There's something so unsavory about that.

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