An amazing lineup of musicians for this week...
Open Jam featuring Hats Off Jack Off Party (Pants Optional) @ Bent River RI
Jim Ryan @ Faithful Pilot Kitchen and Bar
Lewis Knudsen @ Twin Span Brewing
Alex & Matt Unplugged Live at Racer’s Edge
TRiPENDiCULAR Presents Friday the 13th ft. Salty + more @ Rascals Live Music Venue
Barn Ratz @ Denny O's
Chicken Wire Empire w/ Miles Over Mountains and Bethann Heidgerken @ River Music Experience
The Manny Lopez Big Band @ The Speakeasy
3 Men & A Molly @  Crawford Brew Works
Angela Meyer @ Rams Riverhouse
Danger Zone @ GypsyHighway
Crooked Cactus @ 11th Street Precinct
BanD @ Jennies Boxcar
Soul Storm at Dirty Water Music
The Velies @ Crawford Brew Works
Soul Storm @ Dirty Water Music
Frankie Joe and the Kin Folk @ Green Tree Brewery
Avey Grouws Band at Rhythm City
Michael Mikrut Band @ The Tangled Wood
Caleb Talbott at Rams Riverhouse
Tangled Reality @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads
Levi Craft@ Springers Bar 'N' Grill
Alex & Alan Duo at Pints

Upcoming Shows:

May 21 - Travis Ried Band at Drunken Barrels
May 27-  Travis Ried Band at Whiskey Stop
May 28 - Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band @ 11th Street Precinct
June 4 - Sneezy Dollars Band @ 11th Street Precinct
June 11 - Crooked Cactus @ 11th Street Precinct
June 18 - Wolf & Gypsie Band @ 11th Street Precinct
June 25 - Blues Rockit @ 11th Street Precinct

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on 97X just email  We'd love to get the word out about your show.

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