Now that the election is over, let's take a minute to look back at the top things we learned from this election.

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  1. Tom Brokaw is now 1,000 years old.
  2. Rachel Maddow looks hot when she's horrified.
  3. A long time ago, there were these things called "facts" but they don't exist anymore.
  4. Alec Baldwin is funnier than Darrell Hammond.
  5. "Access Hollywood" has a bus.
  6. Polling is as accurate as a Tim Tebow pass.
  7. Bill's gonna have to go back to deleting porn on the home computer.
  8. Donald Trump's Walk-of-Fame star needs 24-hour security.
  9. Trump Tower serves GREAT taco bowls.
  10. Hillary Clinton should just use a landline from now on.
  11. If a lady sees Donald Trump pop a Tic Tac, watch out!
  12. As crazy as it sounds, Eastern European models are more effective at walking around looking hot than delivering inspiring political speeches.
  13. Everyone on Facebook has at least one racist uncle, who insists on commenting on every one of your posts.
  14. Never say anything incriminating in an email. Or in front of Billy Bush.
  15. Hillary Clinton can sustain a fake smile for over a year.
  16. No matter how hard Alec Baldwin tries, he can't out-crazy the guy he portrays.
  17. Rosie O'Donnell needs to learn how to hit the ground whenever she hears a helicopter.
  18. Facebook proves that all of our friends from high school are now idiots.
  19. Donald doesn't have anyone on his staff brave enough to question his skin tone.
  20. Hillary needs a ramp to get into vans.
  21. Donald Trump's right. The polls are rigged. Look at the result.
  22. If you're a billionaire who has nothing in common with most Americans, you can still make yourself relatable simply by putting on a red hat.
  23. There's nothing on earth more insufferable than someone who identifies as a "Bernie bro."