If you have to travel constantly for work, it can stop being fun after a while. A recent poll asked 2,000 business travelers about the worst parts of travelling for work. Here are the ten most common answers...

  1. Being away from your family.
  2. Traveling to new places, but not having time to explore them.
  3. Living out of a suitcase.
  4. All the wasted time you spend in transit.
  5. Not getting to sleep in your own bed.
  6. It's harder to eat healthy.
  7. Working longer hours.
  8. Missing out on events at home.
  9. All of the hours you spend in stuffy offices and conference rooms.
  10. Jet lag.

The survey also found the average business traveler loses out on 45 minutes of sleep a night, and only gets 5 hours and 13 minutes.

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