I've always wondered what foreigners think an "American accent" is. Is it Texas, Deep South, Midwest, New England, Valley Girl, or just a blend of everything? Well, whatever it is, a decent portion of people think it's sexy.

A new global survey by "Time Out" magazine asked people to name the sexiest accent in the world, and an American accent came in at #8. Canada did not make the top ten. Sorry, hosers. Here are the ten sexiest accents in the world:

  1. English with 17% of the vote.
  2. French, 13%.
  3. Italian, 11%.
  4. Irish, 9%.
  5. Spanish, 7%.
  6. Scottish, 6%.
  7. Australian, 5%.
  8. American, 4%. A few years ago we had the 2nd sexiest accent.
  9. Brazilian, 3%.
  10. Japanese, 2%.

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