Darin Gilbertson is a unsuspecting San Francisco 49ers fan. He grew up in Amery Wisconsin, somewhere between the US Bank Stadium and Lambeau Field. He has a thick Wisconsin accent, but when he visited his sister in California, he saw Joe Montana play and fell in love with the team.

When Darin moved into a new house in 2004, he decided the basement was his. He did all the panelling and electrical. He and his dad built the bar. There's an oversize helmet that functions as a chair on game days, pinball machines, mannequins dressed as Dwight Clark, and all kinds of signed memorabilia.

Darin says he knows of 6 people where he lives in the Milwaukee area who are true 49ers fans, all of who get together during games to watch.

Darin says only 75% of the stuff in his man cave were bought by him, the rest were given to him by friends, family, and even complete strangers.

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