The Battle of the Bands is back at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and this year is bigger with a full day of different music.

The three winners of the battle will once again be able to play at the Mississippi Valley Fair opening for one of the grandstand acts in August.

Who Won The First Two Battle of the Bands?

Ryan McCredden
Ryan McCredden

This is year 3 of the Battle of the Bands.  In the first year, there would be only one winner.  And it would be Alborn that would take the crown and be able to open for Shinedown.

Last year the MVF and MH Entertainment would split the battle into country and rock.  It would be an all-Muscatine victory with Monica Austin taking the title in the world of country and Eugue Levy winning the rock battle.

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All The Bands In One Day

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This year there will be two battles throughout the day on March 25th.

First will be the acoustic/duo battle starting at 1:00 pm. The band battle will then start at roughly 5:00 PM and will have 10 bands performing during the night. The band battle will consist of 5 country bands and 5 rock bands. One winner from the rock battle and one winner from the country battle will win an opening act at the Mississippi Valley Fair 2023.

Each musician will get 20 minutes to perform and will be judged by a panel of judges.

Meet The Rock Bands at the 2023 Battle of the Bands

Here are the 5 rock bands that you can come support and see for free at the Battle of the Bands on Saturday, March 25.


High Five Sinners

Look at Me


High Jinx

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Come out to the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on March 25th to check out some live music for free.

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