We're coming up on a year since the climate of our country was changed by a pandemic that, among other things, turned everything social upside down.

With Valentine's Day coming up this weekend (It's Sunday, so you better figure it out quick if you don't want to land yourself in trouble), I got to thinking what date night was a year ago, so I decided to look into the most popular dates of then and now.

When you pictures from last year (or the year before) of you at the museum, or in a bar without a mask, it feels a little weird. Now, pretty much every date night revolves around staying home in some way or another.

The Most Popular Pre-Pandemic Dates:

  1. Going out to dinner.
  2. Going to the mall together.
  3. Going to the movies.
  4. Outdoor activities like hiking or biking away from home.
  5. Going out to a park.

The Most Popular Date Nights Today:

  1. Getting delivery or takeout from a fancy place.
  2. Cooking dinner together (and probably fighting the whole time).
  3. Movie nights at home.
  4. Game night at home with a new game.
  5. Playing video games together.

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