In the last week of March, the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine and Alquist 3D broke ground on what will soon be the first 3D-printed home in the state of Iowa.

“The Community Foundation is proud to be part of reimagining housing development in our community alongside our collaborative partners,” said Charla Schafer, President of CFGM. “Housing is foundational and intersectional. When you have a supply-side housing failure in your community, that has a cascading impact on the economic success, education, and health of our neighbors and children.”

The 3D technology has the potential to help the housing development potential in Muscatine. Once the process of printing homes becomes more and more common, these homes will be able to develop at a rapid speed. Currently, the four walls of the home can be printed in 24-27 hours, then a contracted company will come in and do the finishing traditionally.

Here's an example of some of the machinery that will be used on the project:

“Our goal at Alquist 3D is to help build community, and this project defines this process,” said Zachary Mannheimer, Founder and CEO of Alquist 3D. “City leaders in Muscatine have come together to bring the future of construction to Iowa. We look forward to demonstrating the future.”

Alquist 3D, an Iowa-based company, is subcontracted with printing the exterior of the home.

The home is anticipated to be 1,300 square feet - a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with an oversized and attached two-car garage, and a large front porch.

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