Happy birthday today to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, he's 67... and he's STILL one of the best front men Rock & Roll has ever seen!   Born in Yonkers, NY with the real name of Steven Tallerico, he's also an author and an American Idol judge but we can forgive him for that.

Steven Tyler owns the absolute best concert-opening stage entrance I've ever seen.  One show back in the mid-/late 70's as the rest of the band was on stage and began playing "Back in the Saddle" ... with 5-seconds until the vocals should come in there still no sign of Steven.  Then out of nowhere, he flies on to the stage... slides 10 feel on his knees, grabs and pulls down the mic stand, and screams "I'M BAAAAAACK..."   He nailed it!!  Right on time !!   We went crazy and the whole rest of the show was awesome!!  I still get goose bumps telling about it !!

So today, in honor of one of Rock's greatest characters, Steven Tyler fans I salute you!