The rivalry between the Cubs and the Cardinals has always been strong. For many years I've made jokes at the expense of the Cubs and their fans. We've all laughed while we've watched good players come and go with no luck of even getting to the Series, but all that changed on Wednesday night.

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For those that aren't aware, back on October 12th I made a dumb bet with Alyssa our show's Promotions Director. Sadly, I lost that bet and had the humiliating experience of having to have Cubs logos shaved into my head by Miguel Rosas from New Style Barbershop in Moline.

After listener Chip called the show to say that I should go show off my hairdo at the parade, Dwyer started making plans to get us up there. Jeff Nelson from Luxury Limo stepped up and offered us transportation to the parade and back. That was perfect because I don't know my way around Chicago at all.

We were guessing that this was going to be a huge event, but none of us could imagine how incredible this trip would be.

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Jeff dropped us off about two blocks from Grant Park. We started making our way to the parade route. Alyssa had this huge sign made declaring that I was a loser of the bet and insisted I carry it around for people to make sure they knew I am indeed a Cardinals fans and yes, I lost a bet.

In no time at all people were taking pictures with me and laughing about how I might have made the most boneheaded move in all of the Cardinals/Cubs rivalry history.

We waited for what seemed like forever for the parade to come by and people found ways to amuse themselves by climbing whatever pole, tree and structure they could find to get a better look. We could hear people cheering whenever someone would start climbing and then the crowd would erupt in more laughter whenever someone would fall.

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I waited for a long time for this blonde to fall as she had been slamming adult beverages before climbing. She would swing around and slipped several times, but somehow managed to stay up there until the parade went by. Then as people started to clear out something amazing happened. She decided to do a trust fall.

Trust falls were a thing all over the city as we saw people doing them everywhere.

At last the parade came by. Starting with the Budweiser Clydesdale's and then followed by Clark, a replica trophy on a truck and then finally the team along with former teammates as well.

Trying to leave was a little hard as we were stuck with another 4+ million of our new friends. People continued to take more pictures and tell me how amazing my hair cut was.  Alyssa wasn't wasting anytime telling them that I am a Cardinals fan and that I had, in fact, lost a bet.

It was hard for me to accept that the Cubs had finally won a World Series Championship, but once I embraced it (and my haircut) the city of Chicago and Cubs fans in general embraced me too.

Only one person told me that the "Cardinals suck." Most others were very courteous towards me. I was sure to shake people's hands and congratulate them on a great season and an even better postseason/series.

I realized as I watched the chaos in Chicago that day that Chicago Cubs fans aren't as bad as I had made them out to be in my head for all these years. They needed this win. They deserved it. I'm sure I would have acted the same all these years if the Cardinals hadn't won a championship in 108 years.

In the end it was a honor to party with the city of Chicago and the five million Cubs fans in attendance. They embraced me with open arms and for that I must thank you all. Congrats on the win. We'll see you next year.