posted the results from its annual airfare study which looked at over 900 million tickets people bought last year. They found the best time to buy your ticket is exactly 70 days before you want to fly.

On average, that's when you'll get the best price, but it also depends on the time of year. If you need to fly in the spring, it's 90 days, 47 days for summer, 69 days for fall, and 62 days for winter.

Here are a few more stats that could help you save a couple bucks:

  1. If you don't want to stress about it and buy super early, that's fine. Just expect to pay about $50 more per ticket if you book more than 5 or 6 months in advance. If you wait another month or two, you can knock about $30 off.
  2. The best time to start checking flights is four months before you fly. Sometimes you can still get a deal 3 weeks before you want to fly. You might not get the rock bottom price, but you'll only pay about 5% more on average.
  3. Waiting until the last minute is not usually a good idea. The same ticket booked less than a week in advance costs an average of $208 more than if you bought it at its lowest price. Try to buy your tickets at least two weeks ahead of time.
  4. The day of the week you buy doesn't really matter. Buying them on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday will only save you about $2 per ticket. But flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday is usually about $75 cheaper than flying on the weekend.

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