A recent study from OnePoll looked at answers from 2,000 respondents who listened to movie scores and had to answer which movie they were from.

It's no coincidence that the top answers were also 10 of the biggest movies ever released.

It's worth mentioning that 59% of respondents agreed that a poor score ruins the movie for them, and 62% said that a good score can make a bad movie seem better.

The Top 10 Most Iconic Film Themes of All Time

10: Rocky - 12%

This song is played in boxing gyms around the world, and in most people's headphones as they run on the treadmill. Of course they recognize this theme.

9: Star Wars - 18%

I'm honestly surprised this one isn't higher up on the list. Most people I know who haven't seen the movies at least know the theme.

8: Psycho - 18%

7: Jaws - 18%

How only 18% of people who heard this recognized it is beyond me. I assumed this would be in the #1 spot.

6: Raiders of the Lost Ark - 19%

This one is one of my favorite movies of all time, and by far one of those themes I only need to hear one or two notes of to tell you what it is.

5: Gone With The Wind - 20%

One of the most classic themes from one of the most classic movies of all time.

4: West Side Story - 23%

You can't help but tap your toe, snap your fingers, and want to fight the Jets when you hear this.

3: Inception - 23%

This one is a dead giveaway as soon as the "BWAAAAAAAAAH" comes in.

2: Titanic - 32%

How Leo didn't win an Oscar for this one will always baffle me.

1: Harry Potter - 36%

This one brings back some memories of taking the kids to these. All. Eight. Of. These.

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