When you're out grocery shopping, you have a lot of choices to make about where to shop. Local brands, local franchises of bigger brands, chains, and big box stores, but they all come with different prices, but which ones are the most overpriced stores?


Most "Overpriced" Grocery Stores

Tennessee has the majority of big-box grocery stores, especially around big cities like Nashville, or Memphis. Two chains are on the high side of the price spectrum.

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods Plans To Be More Animal Friendly
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With 8 locations spread across Tennessee, it's no secret that the bigger cities love themselves a Whole Foods store. While being known for their fresh produce and foods that tend to be more on the natural side than say, Walmart, it's reportedly one of the most overpriced grocery stores in the country. Reports go on to say,

There’s a reason why Whole Foods is often referred to as “Whole Paycheck.” Since being founded in 1980, Whole Foods has earned a reputation for being one of the most overpriced grocery stores in the country.

Check out their locations here.

The Fresh Market

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With 7 locations in Tennessee, The Fresh Market has plenty of opportunity to offer its overpriced groceries to the Volunteer State.


According to Delish,

You can stock up on house-made croissants, freshly cut floral arrangements, specialty cheeses, and luxurious private-label products sourced from artisans all over the world. It sounds like the grocery store of everyone’s dreams—but there’s a catch. It’s pricey. With most of its locations situated in affluent areas, it’s clear that their primary demographic is not the average shopper.

See their store locations here.

Do you shop at these stores?

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