"Cosmo" posted a list of things a "hot" guy can do that instantly make him not hot. Which doesn't really work for women, because if a guy wants to sleep with you, nothing is going to change his mind.

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Here are the top ten things that can make a hot guy not hot, according to "Cosmo":

  1. Being rude to a waiter, or not tipping enough. Or just acting like he's better than someone who's in a service job.
  2. Being a complete idiot. You can be kinda dumb and still be datable. You just can't be a total moron.
  3. Acting like he knows he's hot. You should be confident, but not cocky.
  4. Talking about himself too much. Even if you're hot, you have to act like you're at least somewhat interested in the other person.
  5. Being selfish in bed. Again, just because you're good looking doesn't mean it's all about you.
  6. Having terrible body odor. Because if you smell bad enough, it doesn't matter what you look like.
  7. Constantly checking out other women. If an ugly guy does it, it's just kind of pathetic. But if it's a good-looking guy, you have to worry more about him cheating.
  8. Being mean to your pet. Women will basically side with their dog or cat no matter what. Even if it pees everywhere and ruins their stuff, it's still their "baby."
  9. He talks about all of his ex-girlfriends like they're crazy. It's a sign he'll just blame you for everything, and he'll never admit when he's wrong.
  10. He insults you. You could be the best looking guy in the world, but if you make a woman feel bad about herself, she won't want to be with you.

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