The City of Rock Island has about a million dollars in grant money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and they want your advice on how the City can best spend that money. This according to a story from our partner Local 4 News and posted on

Last year some of that grant money went to renovate Douglas Park and to install security cameras at Glenhurst Court.

Rock Island's Budget and Grant Manager Colleen Small-Vollman told Local 4 News that  this year residents have two big things they're telling the City they want: Better public transportation and bringing in more businesses especially grocery stores to Rock Island.

What do you think Rock Island should do with the million dollars they've received from HUD?  Should they use it to attract a grocery store or two to the City? Beef up public transportation? Or something else.

If part of the intent of this money is to attract more residents, then yes, I think attracting a grocery store and other businesses to Rock Island is important. I was surprised to see more public transit as a hot button community issue. In my mind most of us in the QC just hop in a car and go. That said, if you don't have a car, or have limited access to one, then that bus to get you to work, the store, or out and about in our community is a life line.

You have one more chance to weigh in on how you would improve Rock Island. There's a public meeting Monday January 21 at 6PM CT at the Southwest Branch Library. Rock Island officials are looking forward to hearing your input and suggestions.

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