If you had a '90's kid or were a 90's kid, you more than likely had at least one Tamagotchi in the house. Well, the little pocket pets are making a comeback, 23 years after their first release.

The new version, Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden, will cost $59.99 and is available for pre-order now through Amazon, as well as Target, Walmart and GameStop.

Tara Badie, the Director of Brand Strategy at Bandai America, said "“It’s amazing to see those who remembered the original Tamagotchi from the ’90s pickup the Tamagotchi On as well as watch young users fall in love with having a virtual pet."

If you remember the original toy, it had a black-and-white screen showing a baby chick. If you fed it and cleaned up its poop, it got bigger.

The 2020 edition of the game will be in full color with enhanced graphics, and the toy connects to a mobile app.

Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden has some other major gameplay updates. In a bigger world, the pets can leave their home, travel, and say Happy Birthday to their owners. They also can meet a mate, have kids, raise those kids to adulthood, have those kids have kids, and repeat until there's a full blown family tree.

If you had the original, you probably remember the constant care it took so you didn't kill the little guy. The update features a "hotel for a day service" that'll snooze those alarms and ease your mind to not have a dead pet if you leave the toy at home for a day.

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