It's hard to imagine an innocent person throwing poop at a judge, but here we are.

There's a 33-year-old guy named Dorleans Philidor, and he was on trial last week in Miami, Florida on a burglary charge.

Well, before the jury got there for closing arguments on Friday, he flipped out and start throwing his own poop at the judge. Then he ate some of it and yelled, "It's protein! It's good for you!"

According to an article I read when I Googled "Is there protein in poop?"... so glad to have that in my search history now, human feces is between 2% and 25% protein. So I guess he wasn't totally wrong.

Police officers swarmed Dorleans and none of the poop wound up hitting the judge.

And then, later that day, the jury found him not guilty on the burglary charge.

He's not a free man yet, though he's still facing a separate grand theft auto charge, plus he may face charges in the poop throwing incident.

Read more at Miami Herald.

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