Yeah, dude! ’Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ has finally returned with an absolute legend, Steve-O. The Jackass stuntman and stand-up comedian visited our studio to prove and disprove what’s written on his various Wikipedia pages.

Steve-O corrected plenty of Wikipedia falsehoods during our signature segment, including one that claimed Steve admitted to being afraid of spiders while “being recruited” for the original Jackass TV show. “Not true at all,” Steve says, adding that he recently put a black widow in his mouth during a meet-and-greet with fans.

Steve also corrected an entry about the end of Wildboyz, denying that Steve Irwin’s death played a part in their decision not to make a fifth season. “Wildboyz followed Jackass: The Movie,” the stuntman begins. “We embarked on Wildboyz to be something separate [from Jackass] … Over the course of the four seasons that we filmed of Wildboyz, it gradually evolved right back into Jackass.”

“We had Knoxville with us on the final trip and he was just going nuts. We were filming with this tactical anti-terrorist group and he was like, ‘Have the police dog attack me. Shoot me with a 9mm rubber bullet while the dog attacks me.’ Jeff Tremaine says, ‘If you still have that in you, let’s not shoot this for TV, let’s make a movie.’ And so we stopped doing Wildboyz in favor of making Jackass Number Two.”

Steve also recalls his decision to stop performing stunts involving animals. Shortly after having his hand injured by a ram while filming Jackass 3D, Steve-O took the constant re-aggravation of his injury as a sign. “I felt that there was some kind of a karmic payback,” shares Steve. “I thought, ‘Man, exploiting animals… I’ve gotta not do that anymore.”

Watch the Steve-O edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and see his 2019 tour dates below.

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