Steel Panther aren’t looking to transform their female companions, but the hair metallers also call ‘em like they see ‘em. From their upcoming album, Heavy Metal Rules, Steel Panther have debuted a new video for “Always Gonna Be a Ho.”

Satchel just keeps strumming his way into the arms of his bandmates’ girlfriends, but vocalist Michael Starr doesn’t seem to mind, as long as he gets to double dip on the DL.

Steel Panther’s new video is another masterpiece. With Instagram model and comedian Syd Wilder as the video’s siren, Steel Panther churn the important subjects of heartbreak and infidelity. Not necessarily the heartbreak of accidentally deleting your entire new album, but close.

“Always Gonna Be a Ho” is catchy as a Steel Panther song gets, and filled with the exact humor you’re searching for.  “Heavy Metal Rules is the ultimate party album,” Steel Panther humbly state. “Anthem after anthem and hook after hook, the songs will provide the soundtrack to your new bitchin’ heavy metal life.”

Check out the new video below.

Steel Panther’s Heavy Metal Rules album will squirt out Sept. 27. You can pre-order the album here and check out the Panther’s full list of North American tour dates here.

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