This sly squirrel avoided several traps for two minutes after it fell onto the field during a Buffalo Bisons and Columbus Clippers game on Saturday.

On May 28th a minor league baseball game in Columbus came to a pause when a squirrel made its way onto the field and refused to be caught. Players from both teams tried to surround the critter, but it scurried out of their traps. The grounds crew workers then stepped in to handle the situation, and it is quite hilarious to watch.

Buckets and nets were used to try and catch the rodent, but it was eventually caught by hand by one of the grounds crew members. At the end of the video, you can see the worker was bitten by the squirrel.

How did the squirrel get onto the field? Well, it seems that the squirrel was a part of the entertainment crew and was reforming a tight-rope walk on the safety net to entertain fans. Unfortunately, the squirrel's act was not successful and it fell onto the field.

Everyone thought after the grounds crew caught the squirrel, that was the end of the fiasco... They were wrong.

The squirrel was not giving up without a round-2. The critter jumped out of the bucket and tried to make another run for it, but once again was unsuccessful.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels (Double-A Affiliate of the SFGiants) had a great sense of humor and commented on the post apologizing for their shenanigans.

The Bisons were down one run before the squirrel took off running through the field. The Bisons then staged a comeback to win the game 4-2. The team’s Twitter account deemed the critter a “rally squirrel” as they rallied from behind to win.


@noble_darrin: "Not the most impressive animal but damn is it funny when they make a whole stadium stop and watch them run around."

@TheGreenyTea: "Heck with it. I say give the squirrel a bat and let it take a few swings, or put it on the mound and see if it can throw a fastball over the plate. If it can, send it to Baltimore to start tomorrow."
@coreyelvis: "Prob gonna need a booster shot"
@juliajacobsacy: "The announcer was GOLD."
@JWR7695: "That was more entertaining than a Cincinnati Reds game."
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